Our Charges

Our Charges

Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence/ Dental Negligence

We often conduct legal work, in appropriate cases – including personal injury, clinical negligence and dental negligence cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement and in criminal injury compensation cases on a Contingency Fee Agreement.  This involves clients paying a contribution to their legal costs of a sum equivalent to 25% of their total damages, inclusive of VAT. A client’s contribution to legal costs is payable at the end of a successful case.

Clients will be required to pay for disbursements throughout their legal claim as and when such disbursements arise. Disbursements are typically costs which we incur for documents or reports from outside third parties, which are needed to further your legal claim.  If you win your case, the disbursements you have paid may be recoverable from the other party in your case, but there could be a shortfall which you will not recover

We sometimes work under the indemnity of an insurance policy which the client had in place prior to their legal claim arising.  The client is then insured for all costs and disbursements incurred in their legal claim.  If a client does not have legal insurance already in place may be able to assist clients to obtain After the Event Legal Expense Insurance to litigate cases where it is deemed appropriate to protect clients from being at risk of adverse legal costs and/or disbursements In taking a case to court. Any after the event insurance premium will be paid by the client from their compensation in part in clinical negligence cases or in full for any other personal injury case.  Each case must be individually assessed for the most appropriate funding arrangement when the initial appointment takes place.

Employment Law/ Civil & Commercial Litigation

If we undertake work for a client on a private basis which includes employment law work and civil and commercial litigation matters then our private charging rates are as follows:-

Fee Earner                                              Status                                     Hourly Rate                            Routine letters/tel call

Paula Cullen LL.M                  Director- Solicitor                                 £250.00 + VAT                       £23.50 + VAT

Charges are applicable from 01.03.2021 and are reviewed annually. If the charging rate changes then clients will be notified in advance of any change.